See the Difference

See the Difference

Kambirwa School, in the highlands of Muranga is two hours outside Nairobi. The School of Hope is sponsored by funds raised through the November Challenge last year when school children in Wales contributed and helped to pay for the SoH. They exercised to increase their own fitness and at the same time raise money for children living in the slums in Kenya. Since the launch, the school has seen amazing improvements in academic performance.

Kambirwa now has two enthusiastic supervisors (a school teacher and a community member - 1 male & 1 female).

The school improved its performance during last year's national exams. The best 10 performers within the School were active members of the SoH. The SoH was only opened in June 2017 and the national examination was taken in November. In 2016 the mean score was 182.04 and in 2017 it rose to 206.21.  In 2016 the school was ranked 63 out of 64 schools and in 2017 it was ranked 56 out of 64 schools in the district.

Both are significant increases of 13% & 10 % respectively  considering that the SoH has been running for less than a year. The school attributes the improvements to the SoH.

The School had 53 candidates, 50 went on to secondary school while 3 are taking learning trades (1 enrolled at a local polytechnic; 2 have become apprentices). 

This year the school has 33 candidates for KCPE (Primary Certificate) and their minimum target is 240 marks out of a possible 500. Each individual learner has been set a personal target. The SoH has 68 active members this year.

In 2018 the SoH plans to have a talent show, start a debating club and a chess club. Life skills and rugby training have already started.

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