Last Day Route

Last Day Route

Below you’ll find a map of the proposed route on the final day of the November Challenge. There’ll be two 13 mile, half marathon distance loops from Saundersfoot, before a 2 mile stretch out to the heritage park. All runners will gather at the heritage park with the children to make the final 2 mile journey back to the finish line!

What are the pick up points, and when should I be there?

Below you can find a breakdown of these locations, roughly what time Captain Cymru will be passing so you can start, and how far there will be to complete from each area.

Please note that these times are estimates, and Captain Cymru may be earlier or later than the times below.

9:00am 30 miles to go Saundersfoot Harbour
10:40am 20 miles to go Tudor Square, Tenby
11:10am 17 miles to go Saundersfoot Harbour
11:50am 13 miles to go Anna’s Welsh Zoo, St Florence
12:40pm 8 miles to go Tudor Square, Tenby
1:20pm 4 miles to go Saundersfoot Harbour
1:40pm 2 miles to go Stepaside Heritage Park Car Park
1:50pm 1 miles to go
Wiseman’s Bridge Beach (By the bus stop)

Route information

• Due to the nature of the event, there will be certain areas where caution is needed.

• Not all of the roads are on footpaths – bright colour clothing is suggested for those starting early on in the morning.

• The entry fee does not cover your insurance. If you require insurance, you will need to arrange this.

• The route travels through tunnels, and a head torch/flashlight will be required.

• We suggest that children under 14 join the route at no more than the 4 mile marker, however they can start further out at the parent/guardian’s discretion.

• There will be no road closures, so care will need to be taken at all times, with extra vigilance when crossing roads and junctions.

• Start points will be indicated by markers in the specified locations below. Please arrive at your chosen location at least 10 minutes before the published time.

• If you are intending to walk the route, we suggest leaving the start point earlier than the published time, to ensure you arrive on time. Most people average 4mph when walking, so use this a guide to work out when you need to leave to cover the distance.

• Your challenge will begin when Captain Cymru passes your start point, unless you have started early to walk the route.

• At Tenby, the route will head down Crackwell Street, around St Julian’s Street and up towards Tudor Square. Please ensure you follow the course correctly.

• If you have access to our Facebook page, let us know when your journey begins! Post a selfie on the page with the distance you’ll be aiming to achieve!

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